Heidi and Guillermo competed at the Emerald Ball this year virtually. Heidi danced in the Solo Show Dance Division and won 1st place. Congratulations Heidi!

Get Started With Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Have you ever thought about dancing in a ballroom dancing competition? Guess what? It’s really easy to start and it’s a whole lot of fun! Plus, you will become a much better ballroom dancer much more quickly when you are practicing your butt off for that upcoming ballroom dancing competition!

How does it work? Basically you will compete against similar amateur dancers based on your ballroom dancing proficiency (Bronze, Silver and Gold levels) and your chosen style of dance. Visit this link for more information on the ballroom dancing medal system.

For Pro/Am events, you (the amateur) will be dancing with your ballroom dance instructor (the pro). This makes the whole experience much less intimidating and much more rewarding because you will be dancing with and experienced ballroom dancer right there by your side.

Competitive ballroom dancing is about setting a goal and getting there. If your goal is to become a good ballroom dancer then practicing for a ballroom dancing competition will get you there much more quickly and with an attention to dance style and technique that you may not achieve with your regular dance lessons.

For more information about competitive ballroom dancing contact Guillermo.

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