Salsa Footwork Classes

Salsa on 2, also known as New York style salsa, is a distinct way of dancing salsa that is characterized by a unique timing and stepping pattern. In traditional salsa, dancers often follow the rhythm of the music on the first beat (also known as dancing “On 1”). However, Salsa on 2 shifts the timing, and dancers interpret the music on the second beat, creating a distinctive style that is closely associated with the salsa scene in New York City.

Level 2 & 3 – Wednesdays @ 8:15 pm

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Key features of Salsa on 2 include:

  1. Timing: The defining characteristic of Salsa on 2 is the timing. Dancers start their movements on the second beat of the music, creating a more syncopated and dynamic feel. This timing adds a different layer of musicality to the dance.
  2. Weight Changes: In Salsa on 2, dancers often execute their steps with a quick break step on the second beat. This break step involves a quick weight transfer, contributing to the syncopated and rhythmic nature of the dance.
  3. Musicality: Salsa on 2 places a strong emphasis on musical interpretation. Dancers pay close attention to the instruments and rhythm patterns in the music, incorporating pauses, accents, and syncopations into their footwork and body movement.
  4. Partner Connection: While the basic steps and patterns may vary, the partner connection in Salsa on 2 remains similar to other salsa styles. The lead and follow dynamic is essential for a smooth and enjoyable dance experience.
  5. Body Movement and Styling: Salsa on 2 often incorporates body movement, isolations, and styling to enhance the overall presentation. Dancers use their hips, shoulders, and arms to add flair and expression to their movements.

Salsa on 2 has gained popularity around the world and is known for its fluid and intricate footwork, rhythmic variations, and a strong connection to the music. Learning Salsa on 2 can be a rewarding experience for dancers looking to expand their salsa repertoire and explore different expressions of this vibrant and social dance form.

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