argentine-tango-deborah-and-jordiThere is probably no other dance that has the romantic and sensual expression of the Argentine Tango.

The Argentine tango is often described as the most romantic of all the dances. Now you can experience the beauty, passion and romance of the Argentine Tango with our new series of beginner and intermediate Argentine tango lessons.

Argentine Tango Classes on Saturdays

  • Level 1 Beginner Tango Saturdays – 4:30 – 5:30 pm
  • Level 2 Intermediate/Advanced Tango Saturdays – 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Cost: $18 per class

Argentine Tango

Our Argentine Tango lessons will help develop a more comprehensive understanding of how to “connect the dots”. A strong focus will be placed on Argentine Tango dance improvisation, navigation and timing as well as an introduction to the two main systems: Parallel and Cross System. In addition, students will learn how to combine the core elements and implement new figures essential to Argentine Tango. Lastly, students will be introduced to the social dance etiquette preparing them for the tango socials (Milongas/Practicas).

For more information on our Tango lessons call 310-391-0400

Here are a couple of videos of our fantastic Argentine Tango dance instructor Jordi Caballero. In 2007, Jordi was an associate producer and co-star of Valentina’s Tango, opposite celebrated tango master Guillermina Quiroga.

Tammy Gibson and Jordi Caballero perform during “Tango Nuevo Cabaret” at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, California

Monica Orozco & Jordi Caballero perform in “Tango Evolution” at the Downey Theatre in California

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