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Dancing The Hustle

New York is said to be the birthplace of Hustle sometime around 1970. Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony recorded The Hustle that created Saturday Night “Hustle” Fever across America. The movie Saturday Night Fever was released in 1977 and it featured both the line and partner dance versions of the Hustle. The movie made dancing cool, even for men, as all the men wanted to dance like John Travolta. Although disco has been ridiculed since the 1970s, dancing the Hustle was and still is a lot of fun.

Many of the dancers who danced the Hustle were also involved in the professional performing arts community. They added long balletic arms and elasticity to the movement. At this time, the dance also began to move from a slotted pattern into a rotational one. Throughout the 70s acrobatic movements were introduced into the Hustle for performances, and competitions.

The dance became faster and more exciting, and the original ‘1-2-3’ of the dance was dropped and just the ‘& 4-5-6’ of the count was utilized in order to move quickly into and out of the tricks that were becoming so popular in the Hustle dance contests. Hence, ‘&4-5-6’ became ‘&1-2-3’. This was the birth of Hustle dance as it is counted today.

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