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Take our Adult Ballet classes and learn how to dance with poise and grace. Ballet helps you develop good posture and a strong core which is essential for dancing. There are many health benefits from dancing ballet and even football players use ballet in their training. No prior dance experience or partner is necessary.

Ballet Level 1 – Marina Del Rey

Adv Beginner Ballet – Marina Del Rey


The Ballet Dancing and Ballroom Dancing Connection 🌟

Ballet and ballroom dancing may seem worlds apart, but they share a strong synergy when it comes to improving dance technique. Here’s why ballroom dancers should consider incorporating ballet into their training regimen:

1. Graceful Posture and Poise

  • Ballet classes place a strong emphasis on posture, alignment, and core strength. These elements are equally essential in ballroom dancing to maintain balance and elegance.
  • Practicing ballet helps ballroom dancers develop a more upright and poised posture, which translates into smoother movements on the dance floor.

2. Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Ballet is renowned for its emphasis on flexibility. Ballroom dancers can benefit from increased range of motion, which allows for more expressive movements and beautiful lines.
  • Improved flexibility also reduces the risk of injuries, enabling ballroom dancers to dance confidently without fear of strains or sprains.

3. Precise Footwork and Technique

  • Ballet trains dancers to execute precise footwork and techniques with finesse. This precision is invaluable in ballroom dancing, where intricate footwork and partnering are paramount.
  • Ballet dancing’s attention to detail can help ballroom dancers refine their own footwork, making their routines more polished and visually stunning.

4. Improved Balance and Control

  • Ballet classes require incredible balance and control, which is crucial in ballroom dancing, especially during spins, lifts, and dips.
  • By honing their balance and control in ballet classes, ballroom dancers can execute these moves more confidently and with greater finesse.

5. Mental Discipline and Focus

  • Ballet demands intense mental concentration and discipline, teaching dancers to remain focused and present during their practice.
  • Ballroom dancers who incorporate ballet into their training often find themselves better equipped to stay in the moment and perform flawlessly under pressure.

💃🕺 Incorporating ballet classes into a ballroom dancer’s routine can have profound benefits, not only for skill enhancement but also for personal growth. The discipline, focus, and artistry cultivated in ballet classes can elevate one’s ballroom dancing to new heights.

Adult Ballet Classes for Dancers

Ballet dance classes have long been considered a crucial component of training for ballroom dancers. While ballroom dance styles such as the waltz, tango, and foxtrot may seem vastly different from classical ballet, they share many similarities in terms of technique and movement.

One of the most significant benefits of taking adult ballet classes for ballroom dancers is the improvement of posture and alignment. Ballet emphasizes the importance of maintaining a proper turnout, or rotation of the legs, which helps to improve the overall line and appearance of the body. This is especially important in ballroom dance, where dancers are often judged on their poise and grace. In addition, ballet training helps dancers to maintain a strong core and develop the muscles needed to maintain proper alignment throughout a dance.

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The 3 Top Benefits of Ballet Dancing

Improved Dance Technique
One of the main benefits of ballet classes is improved dance technique. Ballet focuses on proper alignment, turnout, and controlled movements, which helps improve a ballroom dancer’s posture, balance, and grace and leads to a more polished and polished look on the dance floor.

More Strength and Flexibility
Another benefit of ballet classes is better strength and flexibility. Ballet requires a great deal of muscle control and flexibility, and taking ballet classes helps ballroom dancers increase their range of motion, making it easier for them to execute more advanced moves and lifts.

Better Musicality and Timing
Additionally, ballet classes can help ballroom dancers develop a better sense of musicality and timing. Ballet requires dancers to have a precise sense of rhythm and timing. This training helps ballroom dancers improve their ability to stay on beat and match their movements to the music.

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LOVE this studio!!!! The instructors love to dance and are vested in your becoming a better dancer. No matter what your dance goals are, this is the place to go.

Dawn B.

By Your Side is the best dance studio. The teachers are fantastic dancers and excellent instructors. They strive for excellence, precision, and elegance, and do so with great encouragement and motivation. I always leave dance class feeling wonderful!


We worked with Laura to choreograph our wedding dance. We started out with zero moves and no confidence but after four sessions we were tearing up the floor and having the time of our lives.

Zara A.

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Our Salsa Team Won 1st Place at the Desert Classic Dance Competition

We're so proud of our Salsa team which took 1st place at the Desert Classic DanceSport Dance Competition which is held every year in July in Palm Desert, California. Performing in a Salsa dance team is an excellent way to build confidence and improve your Salsa dancing skills quickly. Put on your dancing shoes and join our Salsa team today!

Ballroom Dancers at Emerald Ball

Our Ballroom Dancers Placed at the Emerald Ball Dance Competition

I want to congratulate our amazing students and ballroom dance teachers Shay and Guillermo for achieving 1st and/or 2nd place in all of their ballroom dance events at the Emerald Ball! It takes a lot of effort and determination to place in a ballroom competition and we are all very proud of your efforts.

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By Your Side Dance Studio Wins Best Dance School in Los Angeles Award

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