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Want to take a great Mambo dance class in Los Angeles? Well you have come to the right place! By Your Side Dance Studio provides fun and enjoyable Mambo dance classes in Los Angeles that improve your dance skills and make you look great on the dance floor!

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By Your Side Dance Studio provides the best ballroom dance instructors in a private setting so that you receive one-on-one personal Mambo dance instruction custom tailored to your particular needs. We also provide group Latin dance classes throughout the week.

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Learn to Dance the Mambo

The mambo is a very popular and sensual dance, with African and Cuban rhythms. But where did the mambo come from?

Born in Cuba with traces of Haitian culture and influenced by American jazz, the mambo became a Latin ballroom dance craze that swept the globe and became exceedingly popular in Latin countries as well as the United States. The name of the dance is rooted in African culture, with connections to voodoo religion in Haiti.

Mambo’s origin lies in the early 1900’s in Cuba. Oresta Lopez, a composer, and cellist, created a piece known as the mambo which mixed everyday Cuban rhythms with the African and South American rhythms. The result was a new fusion and one that supported a continuous beat.

Mambo became ever more popular when Prado Perez, a famous bandleader and a friend to Lopez, marketed his music under the name “mambo.” It contained big brass and drum sound, and incorporated fast beats and runs on the instruments. In 1951, Perez Prado and his Orchestra took a tour of the United States, establishing Perez as a mambo king and mambo’s as America’s latest craze.

The basic Mambo step is derived from the Cuban style Rumba. The basic Cuban style Rumba uses a “Diamond Pattern” instead of the “American Square or Box” pattern, basically meaning forward and back and side to side. And that the steps are 2,3,4 instead of the 1,2,3 as in the Rumba. When dancing the mambo with a partner, many couples strive for a sensual romantic feeling. The mambo is quite different from other dances because it is very sensual instead of dramatic.

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