Bachata Dance Classes

You may have visited a Salsa club and noticed the dancers dancing a slightly different dance to music that has a slower Caribbean island sound. These dancers would most likely be dancing the Bachata. The Bachata is known for its slow and sexy styling which is quite different from energetic and dynamic Salsa dancing.

The Bachata is very easy to learn and it is a great dance to add to your Latin dance repertoire.

Our Bachata classes are taught by our Latin dance expert who specializes in Bachata and all of the other Latin dances. His knowledge and passion for Bachata combined with his fun and easy to follow teaching style is what makes our Bachata classes a favorite!

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A private lesson is the fastest, most efficient way to learn a new dance. (Offer applies to new students only.)

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We have a variety of fun group dance classes to choose from. No partner or dance experience necessary.

What is the Bachata Dance?

The Bachata is a sexy Latin dance that originated in the Dominican Republic but is danced all over the world. The Bachata is considered a hybrid of the bolero and other African dance styles like the Cuban son, the Merengue and the Cha Cha.

The basic Bachata dance pattern is three steps with Cuban hip motion followed by a tap step. Proper form with a slight bend in the knee ensures the dancers can adequately sway their hips, providing soul and romance to the steps. Most of the Bachata dance movement occurs in the lower body up to the hips and is danced in open or closed position. More modern Bachata styles now often include dance elements and styling from Salsa, Tango and the Lambada.

With the sensuality and spice of the Caribbean islands, Bachata dancing is becoming more popular than ever.

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