Freestyle Dance Lessons

Learn To Freestyle Dance with fun and easy Freestyle Dance Classes and Freestyle Dance Lessons in Los Angeles

Want to learn how to be a great nightclub or freestyle dancer? Well you have come to the right place! By Your Side Dance Studio provides fun and enjoyable nightclub Freestyle dance lessons and Freestyle dance classes that improve your dance skills and make you look great on the dance floor!

Learn To Dance From The Best Dance Teachers In Los Angeles

By Your Side Dance Studio provides the best dance teacher in a private setting so that you receive one-on-one personal Freestyle dance instruction custom tailored to your particular needs. We also provide a variety of group dance classes throughout the week.

Start Dancing Today!

Get an Introductory Private Lesson

A private lesson is the fastest, most efficient way to learn a new dance. (Offer applies to new students only.)

Try a Group Class

We have a variety of fun group dance classes to choose from. No partner or dance experience necessary.

Freestyle Dancing or Nightclub Dancing

As the name implies, freestyle dancing or nightclub dancing leaves the dancer free to move in any way they may desire. In freestyle dancing, there are no required or structured movements that must be learned. The beauty of freestyle dance is that there is no structure or pattern that a dancer must do. Instead, the dancer just jumps in and lets their body move to the music

Freestyle dancing is entirely up to the dancer, but it can be difficult to know where to start. All variations of freestyle dancing require basic rhythm, confidence, and creativity. The best part of freestyle dancing is the chance to come together in a dance studio and learn from other dancers.

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