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Ballroom Dancing Class Series

💕 Discover the elegance and gracefulness of ballroom dancing with a special 4-week ballroom dancing series.

Learn from the Best. Rene and Deborah will guide you through a progressive 4-week dance series focusing on the Waltz and the Foxtrot. With their expertise and infectious energy, you will be dancing with confidence in no time!

4-Week Waltz and Foxtrot Series – Only $50

  • Level 1 – Wednesdays @ 7 pm starting May 1st
  • No partner or experience is necessary.

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🕺💃 Discover the joy of having fun dancing with fellow dancers. With each step, you’ll unlock newfound confidence and cultivate a love for ballroom dancing that will stay with you forever.

Ballroom Dancing Classes in LA

In our our International Ballroom Dance classes you’ll learn the fundamentals of the classic international ballroom dances, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our professional ballroom dance instructors will guide you through the intricate steps and graceful movements that define International Ballroom dance.

  • Waltz: Experience the grace and fluidity of the Waltz. This timeless dance style is known for its sweeping, graceful movements and beautiful rise-and-fall motion, perfect for expressing the tender moments of love and connection.
  • Tango: Get ready to embrace the passion and intensity of the Argentine Tango. With its dramatic staccato movements and close connection between partners, this dance exudes sensuality and raw emotion.
  • Viennese Waltz: Step back in time with the Viennese Waltz, a faster-paced variation of the traditional Waltz. Feel the exhilaration of whirling around the dance floor in a series of graceful turns and rotations.
  • Foxtrot: Discover the smooth and sophisticated Foxtrot. This dance combines elements of swing and waltz to create a flowing, rhythmic style that’s perfect for dancing to classic standards.
  • Quickstep: Let loose with the lively and energetic Quickstep. This fast-paced dance features quick footwork and playful movements, making it a joyous and exhilarating experience.

Whether you’re looking to try something new, improve your dancing skills, or simply enjoy the beauty of movement, our International Ballroom Dance classes offer an enriching experience that caters to all levels of dancers. Join us for a journey through these captivating dances and discover the joy of expressing yourself through the art of International Ballroom dance.


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Our Students Love Us!

LOVE this studio!!!! The instructors love to dance and are vested in your becoming a better dancer. No matter what your dance goals are, this is the place to go.

Dawn B.

By Your Side is the best dance studio. The teachers are fantastic dancers and excellent instructors. They strive for excellence, precision, and elegance, and do so with great encouragement and motivation. I always leave dance class feeling wonderful!


We worked with Laura to choreograph our wedding dance. We started out with zero moves and no confidence but after four sessions we were tearing up the floor and having the time of our lives.

Zara A.

Yelp 5 Star Best Dance Studio in LA

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Ballroom Dancing Champions

Our Salsa Team Won 1st Place at the Desert Classic Dance Competition

We're so proud of our Salsa team which took 1st place at the Desert Classic DanceSport Dance Competition which is held every year in July in Palm Desert, California. Performing in a Salsa dance team is an excellent way to build confidence and improve your Salsa dancing skills quickly. Put on your dancing shoes and join our Salsa team today!

Ballroom Dancers at Emerald Ball

Our Ballroom Dancers Placed at the Emerald Ball Dance Competition

I want to congratulate our amazing students and ballroom dance teachers Shay and Guillermo for achieving 1st and/or 2nd place in all of their ballroom dance events at the Emerald Ball! It takes a lot of effort and determination to place in a ballroom competition and we are all very proud of your efforts.

Best Dance Studio Los Angeles Award

By Your Side Dance Studio Wins Best Dance School in Los Angeles Award

By Your Side Dance Studio is rated among the best Dance Schools in Los Angeles for the second time in a row by Today, By Your Side Dance Studio, a dance school specializing in Salsa dancing, adult dance classes, private dance lessons...