Congratulations to our ballroom dancers as they competed at the top annual ‘must-do’ ballroom dance completion in Los Angeles – the Emerald Ball.

  • Monica and Rene took two first places in Salsa!
  • Laura Pope made the semifinal of the Open Smooth Scholarship after training for only 2 months and 2nd place in all four single dances! (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz)
  • Jessica and Rene closed out the competition weekend with nothing other than winning gold! Congratulations on your first place in American Smooth!

We are so proud of our fantastic ballroom dancers!




Emerald Ball Dance Competition

About the Emerald Ball

The Emerald Ball is one of the three largest ballroom dance competitions in the United States. This competition attracts the best of the best ballroom dancers from all over America and the world.

Learn to Ballroom Dance More Quickly

If you want to become a better ballroom dancer, one of the best ways is to start training for a ballroom dance competition. When you have a concrete goal with a date you can become more focused on achieving that goal. And, once you are totally committed, you will be amazed at how quickly your ballroom dancing improves.

To Be the Best You Must Be Inspired by the Best  

When you attend a ballroom dance competition like the Emerald Ball, you will be able to see the some of the best ballroom dancers throughout the US. You are guaranteed to be inspired while watching some of these amazing ballroom dancers. You can then take this inspiration to and incorporate it to improve your own ballroom dancing skills.

Contact Deborah or Guillermo for more information on training for competitive ballroom dancing.

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