We are so proud of our ballroom dancers who attended the world famous Blackpool Ballroom Dance Competition in Blackpool England this year. It was truly an amazing and inspiring trip to attend and compete in the largest ballroom dance competition in the world and see the best of the best in ballroom dancing.

Congratulations to our amazing ballroom dancers!

  • Deanna Stanton – Semi-finalist in Viennese Waltz
  • Jane Glaser – 8th Place in American Smooth Championship (ladies age 51-60)
  • Joseph Hidalgo – 6th Place Finalist in American Smooth Championship (Gentlemen 51-60)
  • Laura Pope – 7th Place in Waltz, Semi-finalist in Foxtrot & Viennese Waltz
  • Marc Krigel – 3rd Place in Rumba; 4th Place in Waltz & Foxtrot
  • Marilyn Tucker – Semi-finalist in American Smooth Championship (Ladies 61-70)


This year was the first year that the Blackpool Ballroom Dance Competition was open to ProAm events. ProAm ballroom dancing events give ballroom dancers the opportunity to participate in ballroom dance competitions if they don’t have a partner. In ProAm dancing events, your dance instructor or professional dancer pairs up with you (the amateur dancer) to compete. It’s sort of like “Dancing with the Stars” where your dance instructor is there with you every step of the way. In these ProAm dance events only the amateur is judged, which leaves your professional partner free to help you look and dance your very best!



Improve Your Ballroom Dancing Quickly with a ProAm Event

ProAm ballroom dancing is a safe, encouraging and less intimidating introduction to professional competitive ballroom dancing. If you want to improve your ballroom dancing technique quickly, practicing for a ProAm ballroom dancing competition is the way to go. You will be amazed at how fast your confidence, poise, and technique will improve when you have a goal to achieve. For more information on ProAm ballroom dancing, talk with Deborah or Guillermo.

What is the Blackpool Ballroom Dance Competition?

The Blackpool Dance Festival is the first and the largest international ballroom dance competition in the world. The first Blackpool dance competition was held in 1920 in the magnificent Empress Ballroom (named for Queen Victoria) in the Winter Gardens of Blackpool, England. Since then, it has grown to attract the top international ballroom dancers from around the world.


In this year’s event, 61 countries were represented with a total of 2,970 ballroom dancing entries across 13 dance events 10 team events. With over 8 days of dancing, the Blackpool Dance Festival covers Ballroom and Latin American ballroom dancing, plus the British Open Championships for adult amateur and professional couples (ProAm) as well as formation dance teams. If you want to experience the best in ballroom dancing, then you absolutely must attend the Blackpool Dance Festival.

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