ballroom-dancing-tip-swing-dancingFor this Ballroom Dancing Tip we cover the Aspects of Connection in Swing Closed Position: Connection in Swing Closed Position differs from Rhythm and Latin Closed Position in the following ways:

Keep Joined Hands Low: There is a tendency for students to lift the joined hands. For well-connected leading and following, it is important that the joined hands are low at the Follower’s waist or hip level.

Leader’s Right Arm: While the Leader’s right elbow may not be as high as in other Closed Position frames, take care not to let it drop down – it is important to maintain the stretch and tone in the Leader’s right and Follower’s left sides.

Also, when dancing back breaks in Swing closed Position, the Leader’s right arm must be responsive and expand with the Follower’s back (so as not to restrict the Follower’s back step and allow for a larger V-sharpe or Fallaway Position to occur).

Follower’s Right Arm: The Follower’s right arm has a sense of lightness, connecting with the Leader without pressing down.

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