The Bolero ballroom dancing frame is a blend between the Rhythm and Smooth frames. When ballroom dancing, Bolero closed position differs from Rhythm and Latin closed position in the following ways:

Bolero Hold

Offset: Due to being a closer hold, the Follower is offset to the Leader’s right side (as in Smooth and Standard Closed Position)

Wider Frame: While the hands are in the same places, the Bolero frame is wider than the Rhythm frame, yet not quite as wide as a Smooth and Standard frame.

Less Distance: When ballroom dancing, the wider frame means that the distance between dance partners is closer than in a Rhythm and Latin frame. The distance ranges from four to eight inches apart (for beginners) to light body contact (for more advanced dancers).

Heads Left:  Both ballroom dance partners turn their heads slightly to the left (i.e., to face 11 o’clock).

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