Ballroom dancing followers generally shape the fingers more elaborately than Leaders in order to create attractive and feminine lines when ballroom dancing. While ballroom dancing hand styling varies depending on the dance the following exercise is applicable to most ballroom dances.

1. Place the pencil on top of the middle finger and below the index, ring and pinky fingers. The thumb is relaxed downward (not pointing to the side). To flute the fingers even more, add a second pencil on top of the middle and ring fingers and under the index and pinky fingers. The two pencils separate each finger into a very feminine styling.
(See picture below)
womens hand styling 1

There are several ballroom dance hand stylings for Leaders. I will explain two of them. The Leader’s four fingers can be held together (see photo), or the middle, ring and pinky fingers can be together with the index finger slightly raised directly up (i.e., not spread open at the base of the fingers). In both cases, the thumb extends down, creating and “L” shape with the index finger. When practicing these two options, leaders do not need pencils.

womens hand styling 2 mens hand styling 1

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