There is something mysteriously attractive, fascinating and seductive about the Latin sounds of Salsa music. There is just something about Salsa that makes you just want to get up and dance! But first you need to know how to salsa dance. But where is the best place to learn to Salsa dance?

Several Salsa clubs and dance studios offer Salsa lessons in Los Angeles. While both options will essentially teach you the basics of Salsa dancing, there are distinct differences between each venue.

Learning The Right Way or Just Social Dancing

Before signing up for salsa lessons at a dance studio or a club, you should first ask yourself – what do I want to get out of these Salsa lessons? Do I just want to get out and have fun, or do I want to really learn how to Salsa dance?

If you just want to get out and have fun, the club scene might be a better option for you. Club salsa classes are designed with the sole purpose of attracting individuals to a particular club. Think of them as an incentive for visiting the club and not an actual dance lesson. While these classes will teach basic Salsa dance steps, the main focus is to bring people together, encourage them to socialize, drink and have fun.

A professional dance studio takes a completely different approach. A Salsa dance studio is focused on helping you learn how to dance – the right way. The Salsa teachers at a dance studio are focused on helping their dance students perfect their skills and dancing technique.

That isn’t to say that dance studios do not encourage socialization and having fun. Taking a class at a dance studio is often a lot fun! The difference is that the focus is on improving dance technique while building dance connection by dancing with different dance partners.

Taking Salsa Lessons From Professionals Salsa Teachers Versus (?)

All teachers – at clubs and dance studios – have some type of Salsa dancing experience. What that actual experience is may be is a different story.

The experience of those who teach at Salsa clubs throughout Los Angeles often varies. Sometimes these teachers are professional dance instructors, while often times it is an amateur dancer who just has a passing interest in salsa dancing and wishes to teach others.

At By Your Side Dance Studio, we offer Salsa lessons in Los Angeles taught by professional Salsa dance instructors who have many, many years of dancing and teaching experience. Our Salsa teachers are professional dancers who have won numerous awards not only for Salsa dancing but also for other Latin dances as well as ballroom dancing.

Salsa Performance by Laura Canellias and Jerry Gabaldon.

Not sure if experience matters? It does. If you learn Salsa dancing from an inexperienced teacher, it could result in you learning the wrong technique and could even cause an injury on the dance floor.

Sometimes experiencing a Salsa class for yourself is the only way to see just how fun it can be. Why not try a free Salsa class at By Your Side Dance Studio and see first-hand just how fun and exciting our Salsa lessons are. You will learn the right way to dance in a professionally structured Salsa class and discover just how much fun Salsa dancing can be.

Get your first Group Salsa Class absolutely free! No partner required.

No partner or dance experience necessary! Offer applies to new students only.


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