By Deborah Perez

I want to thank Culver City/Mar Vista residents for welcoming and supporting our dance studio in Culver City. So many times people from the area thank me for choosing to open our beautiful dance studio in Culver City. They say it’s a wonderful service and are so pleased we are there. The support has been tremendous and for that, I am truly grateful.

Now, let me tell you a little about our staff:

Ladies first……


Well, of course, there’s me. I opened the dance studio in Culver City almost 7 years ago! Wow, how time flies! My goal is to run a business that promotes a friendly, warm and welcoming environment. A great place to hang out after work and/or on the weekends. A place for people to meet each other, have fun, feel support, exercise, make dreams come true and create life long friendships at an price that fits any budget. I hire staff who truly love to dance and who truly care about their students. I teach American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard, Salsa and Tap Dancing. I am a former competitor winning many championships including the U.S. Theatre Arts Championship.


Julie is our lead receptionist. She answers phones, schedules appointments, keeps the staff organized, keeps ME organized, helps keep the studio extremely clean.


Front department specialist. Aurora specialized in newbies. People who are stone cold beginners and need to take it very slow. She is incredibly patient and very in tune with a persons learning curve. Many of the students look for her the second they walk through our doors. She can make you smile and feel comfortable immediately. Her main mission is to always make sure you are doing ok and having fun.


Laura is our Salsa Diva. She is a legend in the salsa community and often judges many salsa dancing contests. Most everyone who is in the Salsa scene knows who Laura is. She is very vibrant and lively. She’s a great instructor who keeps the energy high when she teaches salsa classes and when we have our monthly salsa dance parties.


Rebecca came to us from Florida.  The students rave about her teaching style. She’s very clear and easy to follow when she teaches and very organized in her teaching methods.  She has a great sense of humor and very likable. Rebeca teaches many of our group classes as well as private lessons.


Alicia is a former competitor and excellent instructor. She focuses a nice amount of time on technique when she teaches. She is great with choreography, wedding dance lessons, group dance classes and all students in general. The students really like her and only have good things to say.

Now for the men…….


Rene is the class clown, but in a good way. He puts a smile on everyone’s face. Mine too because he’s my husband! Great leader and beautiful dancer. He can create dance lines that make you oooh and ahhh. You can almost always see him at the dance studio either assisting classes or practicing. He performs in many dance shows with some of our female students. The women line up to dance with him. He is best with new students because he is very easy going and has a knack for explaining the most difficult things and making them simple to understand.


Shay comes to us from Florida.  He is an all around excellent instructor and teaches all the ballroom dances.  He is very well known in the hustle dance community and  has recently won the Hustle World Championship.  Shay teaches private lessons, group classes and is an excellent choreographer.  He is a big hit at By Your Side Dance Studio.

Power Couples……

Felipe and Carolina Telona

Current World Mambo Champions and Rhythm Champions. They occasionally teach phenomenal workshops for students of ALL LEVELS to help improve their overall dancing. They are incredible talents as well as wonderfully kind, caring people. We are truly blessed to have them working within our studio.

Jerry and Christine Perez (No relation)

They are our out of this world Argentine Tango teachers. They teach the Argentine Tango classes as a couple which makes the tango classes twice as beneficial to students. They are fun, funny, talented and excellent at teaching.

Remember, there is no partner or previous dance experience necessary to learn to dance and we have a variety of new student specials available. There’s no better time to learn to dance than today.

See you on the dance floor!

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