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Kids Ballroom Dance Lessons in Los Angeles

Ballroom dancing is incredibly popular these days with TV shows like Dancing With The Stars and there is no better way to improve stamina, coordination, rhythm, and self-confidence than by having your child learn to dance. Ballroom dancing compliments and enhances skills in other sports such as gymnastics, soccer, baseball, basketball and football, plus ballroom dancing teaches partner skills that can’t be matched by any other sport.

Give your child an unforgettable experience –
Give the gift of dance!

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Ballroom Dance Lessons For Kids (Ages 12-18)

Lesson type:
Private lessons
Child must have a dance partner of similar age and dancing ability

Kids Ballroom Dance Lessons

Kids Ballroom Dance Classes Los AngelesOur kids ballroom dance program in Los Angeles is designed for committed ballroom dance students. Your child does not need to have any prior dance experience but must have a partner of similar age and dancing ability.

Ballroom dance lessons for kids will be taught as private lessons so that each child receives dedicated attention and learns more quickly. All private lessons are taught by professional ballroom dancers and dance instructors.

The International Standard Ballroom Dances

  • Tango
  • Foxtrot
  • Waltz
  • Quickstep

The Latin Dances

  • Rumba
  • Cha Cha
  • Jive
  • Samba

Give Your Child The Gift Of Dance.

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The Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

Kids Ballroom Class Los AngelesBallroom dancing develops strength, coordination, skill and most of all, confidence in oneself. After just a few classes your child will become more coordinated and rhythmic, and will be learning positive social skills that will last a lifetime. Learning to dance is an fun and exciting way for children to boost their self-esteem and develop important social skills that will make them more confident in social situations.

Our kids ballroom dance program is designed to introduce the art of partner dancing to your child and teach important etiquette skills such as courtesy and respect for each other while learning to dance like young ladies and gentlemen. We work hard to build lifelong skills such as kindness, respect, teamwork, self-confidence and responsibility while learning to dance. Dancing is a social activity and your child will make new friends while having fun learning to dance.

Children will also learn important concepts such as body awareness, pattern and sequencing, physical development, and musical awareness.

Two kids, ages 12 and 11, strut their stuff at the American Ballroom Dance Championship in Columbus, OH

A Safe, Fun and Positive Learning Environment

Kids Ballroom Dance Classes Los AngelesWe pride ourselves in providing a safe, comfortable and fun dancing environment while teaching a variety of dances that will keep your child interested, excited and motivated to learn more. Our dance teachers are positive and patient, and our kids ballroom dance lessons are always a lot of fun! Children will learn the fundamentals of ballroom dancing including posture, musical timing, patterns and proper lead and follow techniques.

By Your Side Dance Studio prides itself on providing the highest quality ballroom dance lessons for kids in Los Angeles and we have a comprehensive teaching system designed to prepare kids and teens for ballroom dance competitions and showcases should they want to perform.

Now is the time to give your child the gift of dance!

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Give Your Child The Gift Of Dance.

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