I was thrilled to discover a well-loved children’s book displaying Fred Astaire’s image.  Growing up, I memorized nearly every dance he ever put on film.  Now I’m not saying I can dance anywhere near as great as Fred, Ginger, Rita or Syd, but that didn’t stop me from memorizing every move right down to the fingertips, so I fully understand where the writers motivation came from when she wrote this adorable, heart-warming book.

Alexander is a little boy with big dreams. Through a series of conversations with Dad from breakfast to bedtime, Alexander changes his name half a dozen times to match those of heroes he identifies with, including Theodore Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, and wonderfully, Fred Astaire.

“I am FRED,” says Alexander, “the greatest, smoothest dancer who ever was!”

Jennifer Fosberry is the author of My Name Is Not Alexander, and Mike Litwin is
the creator of the delightful illustrations. Published by Sourcebooks in 2011, rave reviews indicate that the book charms the young reader in the style of its precursor, My Name Is Not Isabella, an award-winning celebration of great women in history by the same author.

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