With many of our ballroom dance students competing or preparing to compete this year, as well as those on the fence about it, I thought I’d post this information.

Why Compete In A Ballroom Dance Competition?

Going to a ballroom dance competition is a fun and thrilling experience. Ballroom dance competitions are usually held at a hotel so that ballroom dancers from all over the country (and even the world) can attend. It is typically a one to three day event, running from morning until midnight, consisting of ballroom competitions, professional ballroom dance shows, dancing workshops and general ballroom dancing.

ballroom-dance-competitionDancing in a ballroom dance competition has many benefits. Students who participate in ballroom dance competitions tend to learn faster and dance with a better technique and more style than students who focus solely on the social aspect of dancing. One of the biggest advantages is that ballroom dance competitions create goals. As students learn the figures and technique they need for the ballroom dance competition, they get more value from their private lessons. Students’ dancing improves by leaps and bounds, and they enjoy the experience of increased poise and confidence on the dance floor.

Competitions are also a great place for dance students to meet people with whom they have something in common. Everyone at the ballroom dance competition – from the newest dancer to the seasoned veteran – has worked hard to get there. This builds a feeling of camaraderie among the ballroom dancers. By the end of the weekend, students usually feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and are inspired to learn even more.

Some students may say they don’t like “competition.” However, I can reassure you that the environment at most Dancesport ballroom dance competitions is one of friendliness and support as most students are focused on the progress in their own individual dancing. Competitions also give students the opportunity to work with their dance instructor on setting their goals, practicing hard, and then going out on the dance floor and dancing their personal best.

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