Salsa Lessons TipsHave you ever tried a new hobby but quickly lost interest when it didn’t seem as fun or as easy as it looked? When you start taking Salsa lessons you can often feel that same way, you take a few Salsa lessons and dance at some Salsa clubs, and then it becomes another thing that we “tried once.”

Why is that? Unfortunately in this age of instant gratification, it’s because learning to Salsa dance takes practice and dedication to learn properly. However, if you are willing to put in a little work, learning to Salsa dance is a great way to relax, have fun and take the stress out of life while looking and feeling great on the dance floor.

Below are 4 tips for taking Salsa lessons:

  1. You we’re not born to Salsa. Sorry, but most of us aren’t born with natural dancing ability. It will take many lessons before you feel comfortable dancing at a Salsa club. The good news is that the more Salsa classes you take, the more confident you will feel Salsa dancing. More importantly, once you know some basic Salsa patterns you will have much more fun on the dance floor and will feel more comfortable dancing with some of the more advanced Salsa dancers who know what they are doing.
  2. Private Salsa lessons are the best way to learn quickly. Private Salsa lessons allow you to work at your own pace and learn much more quickly by practicing with a professional dance instructor. The personal attention you receive from one dedicated private Salsa lesson is equal to three or four hours of standard group lessons. You will also become confident in your ability to lead and follow much more quickly with private Salsa lessons than through group instruction. Once you have the basics down you can try some group Salsa classes.
  3. Salsa clubs are for having fun but are not the best place to learn to dance. It can be tempting to go to your nearest Salsa club and try to pick up a few moves by watching the dancers on the dance floor but a Salsa club isn’t really the best way to learn to Salsa. At a professional dance studio, the Salsa instructor will provide you with the proper foundation for Salsa styling and lead and follow techniques. Knowing the proper way to Salsa dancing lead and follow techniques will make you a better Salsa dancer. Plus, once you know the proper Salsa dance technique you will be able to pick up the dance moves that you see in Salsa clubs much more easily.
  4. You can learn to Salsa more quickly when you have some background in the other Latin dances. All of the Latin dances have something in common with each other, so learning some Rumba, Merengue and Cha Cha is a great way to improve your Salsa dancing. The Latin dances are often quite similar so a Cha Cha move can be easily translated into a Salsa move. Plus, when you know a variety of Latin dances you can dance to a variety of Latin music that is appropriate for each song, for example actually dancing the Merengue to Merengue music and dancing the Cha Cha to Cha Cha music rather than trying to dance Salsa to every Latin song that you hear.

Our Salsa Teacher Laura Canellias at the Bacardi Salsa Congress 1999 with Albert, Jesus, Raul, Stacy and Eli

At By Your Side Dance Studio, we offer Salsa lessons in Los Angeles taught by professional Salsa dance instructors who have many, many years of dancing and teaching experience. Our Salsa teachers are professional dancers who have won numerous awards not only for Salsa dancing but also for other Latin dances as well as ballroom dancing.

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