Tap Dance Instructor Johnnie Hobbs

Tap Dancing Mondays!

Tap your way to rhythmic perfection in our exciting tap dance classes! Our talented Tap Dance Instructor, Johnnie Hobbs, brings a wealth of experience and passion for the art of tap dancing. Join us and let the rhythm take you away!

Beginner Tap @ 6 pm
Need a reintroduction back into tap dance by brushing up on basic tap steps? In this class we go over counting, weight shifting, step heels, flaps, shuffles, knocks, across the floor and other steps to get you back on track and comfortable with basic tap routines.

Beginner Tap – Marina Del Rey

Middle Beginner Tap @ 7:15 pm
Have some prior tap training? Ready to dive back into tap after a long break? This class is a healthy challenge that will advance your skill level. Step heels, flaps, cramp rolls, irishes, time steps, across the floor and other steps will be worked on to improve your tap technique.

Middle Beginner Tap – Marina Del Rey

Intermediate Tap @ 8:30 pm
Feel comfortable with basics and beginning steps? Wanna reach a bit further? Great! Riffs, traveling time steps, back essences, paradiddles, cramp rolls, buffalos, and other complex rudiments will be taught to help you create a lively tap dance routine.

Advanced Tap – Marina Del Rey

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